Sun Dance Glass - Two shady companies working together

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Expect to receive NO customer service. Here is my experience in detail:

I want an oxygen concentrator SO badly! So I have no reason NOT to love this product. I would save thousands of dollars and I wouldn't have to drive anywhere to fill it up each week! Honestly, these things are miracles, but unfortunately I have had a heck of time with these guys.

I ordered the EX-15 from them in August. The disclaimer says shipping takes 2-6 weeks. When week six was about to end, I assumed they forgot to send me the tracking email, so I called to ask about the status of my package. The package had not been sent. Week seven flew by, I called again. Still hadn't been sent. Finally, after two months of waiting, I received and email that said it would be shipped in 5 days.

I really didn't like that I had to call them to find this out. They had my email and phone number, why didn't they give me a courtesy call to say it would be late?

It gets worse.

I receive the EX-15 and when I turn it on, I noticed a few minor problems so I called Sundance for help who apparently didn't want to use their time to call the manufacturers so they had ME call the manufacturers (I find this really odd, I have never had Target, Costco, or any family business have me call the factory if I had a question about the product. My husband doesn't call Japan if he has a question about his car, he calls a Toyota dealership) but this would have been fine IF they actually returned my calls and emails. I didn't use the machine for 2 weeks, hoping someone would respond. When no one did, I tried calling Sundance, who told me to call the manufacturers again. I tested the machine (same results) and my call/message went unanswered. I waited another 2 weeks before testing the machine and this time it was FAR WORSE! It wouldn't run for more than a minute at a time (it was on, just not giving oxygen consistently). A little frustrated this time, I called Sundance glass who FINALLY contacted the manufacturers personally and Extreme Oxygen called me back.

Since there are only two buttons, one tube, and instructions, I don't see how I could've set it up wrong-- but I may have! I was expecting them to instruct me how to set it up properly OR tell me how to fix it OR something! They told me to ship it back because it was broken.

Like the story??? Because it gets WORSE!!!

Shipped it back and they accused me of it being destroyed because the box looked bad-- the funny part was that they hadn't bothered to open the box, it was fine.

They claim it was in perfect working condition and wanted to charge a $200 service fee plus shipping to get it back. WHAT!?!?! They said I just hooked it up wrong. While that may be true WHY DIDN"T THEY ANSWER MY CALLS FOR HELP!??!?!?!?! Why didn't they answer my questions???? WHY did not one bother to help me for an entire month? Why didn't they help me set it up "properly" when I asked them? By this time, I was feeling like I was dealing with scammers-- since they thought it worked fine I just wanted my money back so that I could find a different company and pay someone else for better customer service. I just wanted to get away from these people!

They told me I could pay $75 for shipping (for a faulty product!) or get nothing. Seriously???

These people are extremely unprofessional. The owner, Brian, put me on mute and said "we can't do that" do everything I said. He wouldn't respond UNLESS I said "hello?" to see if he was still there! Doug was just playing good-cop bad-cop with me there entire time. He excused himself by saying "it's awkward for me because I'm caught in the middle". To me, EVERY company should be caught in the middle because they should not have flip-flopped me between themselves and the manufacturers in the first place! Of course, I don't like Extreme Oxygen. The more I read about them, the shadier they seem-- but Sundance glass is just as immature and sketchy. They agreed to a partial refund evetualyy but won't refund what we paid for shipping.

Here is what I feel about that:

If I knew it was a crappy product, that I would be treated like *** for 3 months, that I could not finish making Christmas gifts by now then I would have NOT paid a dime. Not for shipping. Not for the product. Since I paid in full for the concentrator, then I should be refunded the full amount.

My opinion is that they are two sketchy businesses working together. From the very beginning I have been completely ignored. That is NOT how you run a business.

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